16th Caribbean Conference on National Health Financing Initiatives

16th Caribbean conference on national health financing initiatives

The University of the West Indies, HEU, Centre for Health Economics and
The Millennium Heights Medical Complex, St. Lucia

October 23-26, 2024 | castries, st. lucia

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These Conferences are organized on a cost-sharing basis as they are not fully sponsored.  Conference hosts and sponsors cover the costs of materials, refreshments (lunch and snacks), official social events, and some transportation expenses for the duration of the Conference.

Generally, attendees approach their Organizations/Ministries to finance the costs related to their participation in the Conference.

There are no registration or other fees for Conference materials.


Palonegro International Airport, conveniently situated just a 25-minute drive from Bucaramanga, serves as the primary air gateway to the region. Travelers have the option of choosing from six airlines that operate at the airport: Avianca, Latam, Copa, EasyFly, Satena, and Spirit.

For those seeking international connections, flights can be booked through either Panama or Bogotá, allowing for seamless travel to and from Bucaramanga. Upon arrival at the airport, taxi services are readily available to transport passengers to their place of accommodation. The estimated cost for a cab ride typically ranges between 35,000 and 40,000 Colombian Pesos (approximately 11 US Dollars).

Bucaramanga, situated in the northeastern part of Colombia within the department of Santander, is a city of moderate size. It has an altitude reaching 1,000 meters above sea level and an average temperature of 25°C.

There are several transportation options available to get around in Bucaramanga:
  1. Mobile Applications: You can download reliable and secure transportation apps like Uber, Tappsi, or Easy Taxi to your smartphone for personalized transportation services.
  2. Cabs: You can request a cab service by calling the following numbers:

    1. Taxis Libres: (+57) (7) 683 39 83
    2. Colibri Taxi: (+57) (7) 671 69 99

  3. Metrolínea: Metrolínea is a mass transit service in the city. You can use this service by purchasing a card at any of the main stations. Plan your trip and find more information at: Metrolínea Trip Planner.
  4. Buses to FCV: To reach FCV, you can take the P2, P6, or P13 routes to Molino’s station.
  5. Buses to HIC: If you want to go to HIC, you need to take the P15 route from Palmichal’s station.
The approximate fare per ticket for buses is 2,800 Colombian Pesos (around 70 cents in US Dollars). These transportation options offer convenient ways to explore the city and reach your desired destinations.

The official currency used in Bucaramanga, as well as throughout Colombia, is the Colombian peso (COP). You can easily use Colombian pesos for transactions within the city.

If you need to exchange currency, there are exchange houses available in Bucaramanga where you can convert your foreign currency into Colombian pesos. These exchange houses offer services to facilitate currency exchange.

Bucaramanga is known for having a high middle-class population, which contributes to a diverse range of prices for goods and services. This means that the city offers a variety of options to accommodate different budget levels. Whether you’re looking for affordable options or more upscale experiences, Bucaramanga provides a range of choices to suit various preferences and budgets.

Important information:

  • Currency denominations in Bucaramanga: Bills include 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 pesos. Coins include 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 pesos.

  • For international money transfers, options include Efecty, Western Union, MoneyGram, Giros Bancolombia, and Itau.

  • Tipping in Bucaramanga is voluntary, although it may be included in the bill. You can choose whether or not to provide an additional tip.

  1. Chiflas: Homemade Food Address: Floridablanca 147-94 Phone: (57)(7) 638 1111

  2. Mercagan: Roast Meats Address: Carrera 25 # 25-71 Cañaveral Phone: (57)(7) 638 8087

  3. El Garaje: Fast Food Address: Street 48 # 33-39 Cabecera

  4. Casalins: Seafood Address: Street 30 # 25-71 Cañaveral

  5. Crepes & Waffles: Varied Food Address: C.C La Florida Phone: (57)(7) 632 1345

  6. Obleas Floridablanca: Cake Shop Address: Carrera 7 # 5-54 Phone: (57)(7) 675 1190 Floridablanca

  7. Cabrón: Colombian Typical Food Address: Street 42 # 35-06 Cabecera Phone: (+57) 302 421 2259

  8. La Puerta del Sol: Santandereana Typical Food Address: Carrera 30 +65-08 Phone: (+57)(7) 643 5077

  9. Zekkei: Asian Food Address: Street 42 # 29-83 Phone: (+57)(7) 6978613

  10. Cure Cuisine: Middle Eastern Food Address: Carrera 36 # 41-42 Cabecera Phone: (+57)(7) 645 0044

  1. El Cacique Shopping Center: Website: www.caciquecc.com
  2. La Quinta Shopping Center: Website: www.laquinta.com.co
  3. Parque Caracolí Shopping Center: Website: www.parquecaracoli.com
  4. Mega Mall: Website: www.megamall.com.co
  5. La Florida Shopping Center: Website: www.laflorida.com.co

These are the names of the malls along with their respective websites.