1. Poster Dimensions (includes a 5cm border):
    Width = 120cm (~ 4 feet); Height = 90cm (~3 feet)  
  2. To ensure that your poster can be mounted on the poster boards, please adhere to the dimensions above.
  3. The title, author(s) and institution(s), in lettering at least 2.5 cm high, should be placed at the top of the poster.
  4. Content should be displayed in a logical sequence, i.e. An Introduction, Methods, Results (Tables and Figures) and Conclusion.
  5. Posters should be designed for clear viewing from a distance of beyond 3 feet so that they can be viewed by several persons at the same time.
  6. To ensure visual effectiveness of your poster, use large lettering and a minimum of text.
  7. Use of colour can visually enhance your poster.
  8. Posters must be mounted on the boards by 8:15am on March 21st, 2019.
  9. All poster presenters are required to be at their posters during the dedicated poster sessions to facilitate questions by judges and other delegates.