prof theodore

Professor Karl Theodore, Director, HEU, Centre for Health Economics

Warm greetings and welcome to our 12th Caribbean Conference on Health Financing Initiatives.

This year we are pleased to join with the host organization, the Anguilla Social Security Board Health (ASSB) as they celebrate their thirty-fifth anniversary of business operations.

We know only too well that all Caribbean countries, to meet the goals of Universal Health Coverage, must implement creative strategies to confront the rising demand for and costs of health services given our triple burden of infectious and chronic diseases as well as trauma.

The Conference –with the central theme of ‘Health Financing: Strategic Management, Spending Wisely-2’-- provides an ideal forum where, as colleagues, as frontline professionals we can openly share these strategies and critically discuss what we are doing well and what not so well.  

So..join us in Anguilla for another valuable learning opportunity to gain new knowledge and sharpen our commitment to enhance the health and thereby the wealth of the Caribbean.   




Mr Timothy A. Hodge, Director, Anguilla Social Security Board

As your hosts, we extend a warm and special welcome to Anguilla ‘tranquility is wrapped in blue’--and to the 12th Caribbean Conference on Health Financing Initiatives.

This year the ASSB is celebrating thirty-five (35) years of “securing futures, enhancing lives”. So we are doubly pleased to partner with the HEU, Centre for Health Economics and the Inter-american Centre for Social Security Studies (CIESS) in this focused, future-oriented Conference program of expert presentations, panel discussions and ‘open mike’ comments on the theme ‘Health Financing: Strategic Management, Spending Wisely—2’.  

Similar to you, we have a keen interest in hearing from and interacting with the experts and frontline managers on how –and how best—to sustain financing of health services given our mix of disease and economic challenges.

But we also want you to enjoy your time so we have planned a full social program to balance your hard work with true Anguilla delights.

Please enjoy the conference at the newest hotel in Anguilla, the fabulous “Reef by Cuisinart”.

See you soon in Anguilla.



Dr Stanley Lalta, Program Coordinator

Hello…special welcome to returning participants and particularly first-timers as we gather in Anguilla for the 12th Caribbean Health Financing Conference from November 1—3, 2017.

We are delighted to collaborate with Anguilla Social Security Board (ASSB) not just because it is part of their 35th anniversary celebrations but also because the ASSB –and its Director, Mr Tim Hodge—is, truly, one of the ‘founding fathers’ of these Conferences.

This year we continue focus on issues and approaches pertaining to ‘Health Financing: Strategic Management, Spending Wisely-2’ with emphasis on hospital, pharmaceutical, mental health and ‘catastrophic care’ concerns.

So… save the Conference dates....participate, interrogate and interact with experts, frontline managers and policy advisors….add your voices as individually and collectively we seek to enhance our knowledge for doing more, doing better in health financing matters.

Further information will be posted in due course. To find out more information please contact us.


*Check website regularly for updates.