? International Virtual Literary Conference: The Literature of Trinidad and Tobago: 1980-2020
The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine Campus


LITTCON 2020 is the nickname for the conference entitled Books as Passports and Companions: - The Literature of Trinidad & Tobago 1980 - 2020.

This Conference is the first of what is expected to be a series of collaborations aimed at surveying late twentieth century and early twenty-first century developments in the oral and written literature of all the islands of the English-speaking Caribbean including Guyana and Belize.

The first component of the initiating Trinidad and Tobago conference is the production of an annotated Bibliography of works by writers of Trinidad and Tobago led by the Alma Jordan Library of the University of the West Indies, NALIS and the National Archives.

The second component is analysis and interpretation of the form and content of an exciting and so far, uncharted body of work whose continuity with what has gone before and whose “newness” have not been examined.

The third is the presentation of views and perspectives of the readers and educators of the GORTT MOE and schools of education at UTT and UWI.


This conference aims to highlight local literature and to demonstrate the urgent need to expose the nation and the nation’s children to the valuable store available to them. For this purpose, the conference committee has assembled a dynamic group of writers, both renowned and budding, who are making their mark on the literary landscape and whose works should be made available to students from primary to tertiary levels of education.

An author’s calendar is being constructed and will be made available online.

The conference also, of course, makes room for critical and educational responses to the writers which completes the partnership that makes writers write.