The objective of the symposium is to expand upon concept of nanotechnology in medical practice and research and to look at the industries potential economic implications. The theme of the conference is Nanomedicines a potential area for economic growth in the Caribbean.

Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanomaterials. Nanomedicine is expected, in the near future, to deliver radical changes in the way we diagnose and treat diseases. It is a multidisciplinary field in continuous evolution and takes in account all sectors of the healthcare industry, engineers and natural scientist. Nanomedicine has the potential of developing new treatments, new diagnostic tools and new mechanisms of drug delivery.

This conference seeks to guide on the avenues available for harnessing the research capabilities and giving direction for transforming research into viable economic activities in the field of nanomedicines.

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10th May 2019

Prof. Yashwant Pathak
Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy, Univesity of South Florida

Pharmaceutical Technology and EMBA and MS Conflict Management

Prof. Alekha K. Dash
Professor & Chair, Department of Pharmacy Sciences, Creighton University

Pharmacy Sciences

Prof. Sureshwar Pandey
Michigan State University, US
Medicinal Chemistry /Drug Discovery


Dr. Shivaugh Marchand
Senior Lecturer, Unit of Restorative Dentistry, The University of West Indies

Dental Biomaterials Research




Telephone: 1-868-645-3232 ext. 5256


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General Admission-$300.00 TTD
Members of Faculty and Recognized Societies -$250.00 TTD
Students - $200.00 TTD