The EXPO will provide a platform and marketplace for exhibitors of products, technology, research and chemistry demonstrations highlighting to the Public the importance of Chemical Sciences for innovation and economic development. On this basis, we kindly invite participation as an exhibitor in the EXPO.


Since the conference and EXPO are activities of the UWI FST Week 2019, your company or organization will have a large and captive audience of students across all levels, the Wider Public, private sector, industry experts, academics and scientists. This will be an excellent platform for your organization to showcase and promote its business, products, services and research to the wider Public with an opportunity for product sales.


The EXPO exhibit will be at the UWI Teaching and Learning Complex, a world-class facility with ample space to host an exhibition. Exhibitors have the option of two displays and support facilities to host A/V equipment.


Type of Display


Cost/ TT$

Large Booth (Type I)

Pit display booth, table with cloth, 2 chairs


Small Booth (Type II)

Table with cloth, 2 chairs, space for posters