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Conference Overview

Though Caribbean countries face fairly similar patterns and determinants of disease and ill-health, there is much variability in capabilities, competence and performance of their health delivery networks and health financing systems. Motivated by these concerns, Heads of Caribbean Social Security Organizations meeting in Belize City in 2005 sought to establish a Caribbean forum for discussing approaches, challenges and lessons learnt in addressing the various aspects of national health financing.


As such, these Conferences on Health Financing Initiatives have been organized to share knowledge, test ideas, learn from those who have responsibility for health financing actions. The Conferences have also sought to enhance local capacity to make the right choices in a dynamic socio-economic environment and contribute to health and welfare in the Caribbean.


Recognizing that knowledge and field expertise in health and health financing matters do not reside with a particular professional group, the Conferences have actively sought to broaden participation and appeal by involving relevant international organizations, Ministries of Health, health insurers, overseas third party administrators and health services networks, research agencies and IT companies.


See Debriefing Note on the 9th Conference held in Trinidad and Tobago by clicking the link below: Debriefing Note - CCNHFI - 2014


Previous Conferences

Eight (8) Conferences, each with over 80 participants, have been convened since the 2005 decision by Heads of Social Security Organizations:-

  • 2006 —Turks and Caicos Islands;
  • 2007—Aruba;
  • 2008—Trinidad and Tobago;
  • 2009—St Maarten;
  • 2010—Belize;
  • 2011—Bermuda;
  • 2012—Curacao;
  • 2013—Jamaica.

See Debriefing Note on the 8th Conference held in Jamaica by clicking the link below:

Debriefing Note - 8th CCHFI 2013


Current Conference

The 9th Conference is being held in Trinidad and Tobago and will be hosted the HEU, Centre for Health Economics in collaboration with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and the Caribbean Regional Public Health Agency (CARPHA).


The 9th Conference has three (3) key objectives:

1. To continue examination of the performance, challenges and strategies in financing and administration of National Health Care Programs by Caribbean Social Security and Health Financing Organisations;


2. To focus attention on Results-based Financing of Managing Chronic Diseases as well as Efficiency Imperatives in Health Programs; and


3. To identify areas and opportunities for closer collaboration among Caribbean Social Security and Health Financing Organisations in tackling health financing concerns.


See invitation letter: Invitation Letter-9CCNHFI



Tobago House of Assembly (THA)
Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)


National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago

Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago

Morneau Shepell


Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

Jackson Memorial Hospital International


9th CCNHFI Booklet