Participants are responsible for their travel arrangements to and from the Conference, which will be held in Tobago (one of the islands of the country, Trinidad and Tobago). It is recommended that you book your travel early following registration for the Conference.


Getting to Tobago by Air

When booking your flight to Tobago (airport code TAB), several air carrier options are available. You can travel to Tobago directly with British Airways from selected countries. For a listing of British Airways destinations you may visit Other airlines, including Caribbean Airlines, American Airlines and West Jet, have scheduled routes to Tobago.


On Caribbean Airlines, you can get to Tobago via Trinidad. However, when making travel arrangements with this carrier, either on your own or through a travel agent, please note that international flights, as well as flights originating in the Caribbean, terminate at and leave from the Piarco International Airport (airport code POS), Port of Spain in Trinidad. As such, you will need to book a separate connecting flight to get to and from the ANR Robinson International Airport in Tobago. Visit Caribbean Airlines at website to book your travel to and from Tobago.


Getting to Tobago by Sea

Ferry services are available between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago daily. For further information visit Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Ferry Service at .


Connection to Tobago via Caribbean Airlines

Generally, flights between Trinidad and Tobago on Caribbean Airlines depart every half-hour throughout the day.  The flying time between Trinidad and Tobago is approximately twenty (20) minutes. The airfare for a return trip between Trinidad and Tobago is TT$300 (US$50) per person. Note that you will be required to clear Immigration and Customs upon entry to Trinidad at the Piarco International Airport and proceed to the Tobago Check-in area in the same terminal building for your flight to Tobago on Caribbean Airlines.


Directions to the Tobago Check-in area:

Exit Customs, turn right and walk for approximately two (2) minutes within the same terminal building. The Tobago Check-in area is located immediately after the Food Court on the right hand side. The HEU will have someone outside the Customs area at the airport in Trinidad on Monday 3rd November to assist participants with directions, check-in and connection to Tobago. Please send your travel itinerary to the HEU’s Office (shown on website) to enable easy identification and timely transit arrangements.



For persons changing carriers in Trinidad for onward travel to Tobago, it is important to adhere to the required baggage allowance for travel to your final destination. It is advisable when booking flights to allow sufficient time between your arrival in Trinidad and your departure to Tobago because of the two (2) hour airline check-in requirement for Tobago travel.


Visa Requirements

Citizens of the following countries do not require visas for entry to Trinidad and Tobago: CARICOM except Haiti (Holders of Diplomatic, Official or Service Passports from Haiti do not require visas). For a comprehensive list of countries and their visa requirements along with the application process for an Entry Visa, please visit the Trinidad and Tobago Immigration Division’s website at .



It is highly recommended that persons travelling to Trinidad and Tobago for the Conference obtain the necessary travel insurance, inclusive of health insurance.


Country Overview

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a twin-island country located at the southernmost end of the Caribbean archipelago. Trinidad and Tobago sits on a land area of 5,128 square kilometres.


The capital of Trinidad is Port of Spain and the capital of Tobago is Scarborough. The official language is English and the national currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar. The exchange rate is estimated at TT$6.35 (fluctuating) to US$1.00. The US dollar is widely accepted in Trinidad and Tobago.


Trinidad and Tobago has a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural population of an estimated 1.3 million people. The national colours are red, white and black, representing the variety of the people and the richness of the land.  Like other countries in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago has a tropical climate with a rainy season from June to December.


You can visit the following websites for more information on Trinidad and Tobago: and


Shopping, Dining and Entertainment in Tobago

In Tobago, the Gulf City Mall is approximately two (2) minutes’ drive from the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort. The Mall houses a range of stores and restaurants, as well as movie theatres. There are also numerous other restaurants and shops on the island, many of which are located on the western and southern ends of the island in areas such as Crown Point, Mt. Pleasant, Buccoo, Plymouth and Scarborough. 


The beaches of Tobago provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the island’s relaxing and calming waters.  The Store Bay and Pigeon Point beaches, favoured by tourists and locals, are located approximately fifteen (15) minutes from the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort and offer a range of services and amenities.  The Conference hotel provides shuttle services, at specified times, to and from the Pigeon Point beach. 


Tobago has a rich cultural heritage.  Some of its cultural history is preserved in what is known as the Tobago Heritage Festival, which is held annually and portrays Tobago’s unique culture. More information on Tobago’s Heritage Festival can be accessed at


Safety and Security

It is important that you adhere to the safety tips provided by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service during your stay in Trinidad and Tobago. These can be accessed on the following website: In case of an emergency, you can dial any of the following numbers from a local mobile or landline telephone.

Police – 999, 911

Fire and Ambulance – 990

Ambulance – 811

Tobago Emergency Relief - 211


*Check website regularly for updates.