Country Updates

Aruba - Dr. Lex de Jong Click here

Belize - Dr. Natalia Castillo Click here

Bermuda - Mr. Calvin White Click here

Curacao - Ms. Jeanine Constansia-Kock Click here

Jamaica - Mr. Aubrey Blair Click here

Suriname - Ms. Sandra Sijem Click here

Turks and Caicos Islands - Ms. Zaneta Adderley-Burton Click here


Rethinking Social Health Insurance's Role in Universal Health Coverage - Dr. Christine Lao Pena Click here


Strengthening Universal Health Coverage to Reduce the Burden of Chronic Diseases - Dr. Karen Sealey Click here




St. Lucia Health Coverage and Financing Initiatives - Ms. Xysta Edmund Click here


RBF and NCD Control: St. Lucia - Ms. Xysta Edmund Click here


Performance Based Payments: Belize Experience with CNCDs - Dr. Ramon Figueroa Click here


Healthcare Insurance in the Dutch Caribbean - Ms. Elisa Boekhorst Click here


Progression of the Virgin Islands National Health Insurance Programme - Ms. Kishma Baronvillle Click here


Cayhealth Scorecard - Dr. Elizabeth Mc Laughlin Click here


Dominica's RBF Pilot Project Proposal - Dr. Charlotte Jeremy-Cuffy Click here


Results-Based Financing for Health - Dr. Carmen Carpio Click here


Results-Based Financing and NCDs - Ms. Carla Pantanali Click here


Ebola as a Threat to Caribbean Health and Development - Dr. Anton Cumberbatch and HEU-UWI Research Team Click here


NCDs: Burden, Interventions and Expected Outcomes - Dr. James Hospedales Click here


Cost Analysis and Efficiency in Health: Lessons of Experience - HEU-UWI Research Team Click here


Impact of Chronic Disease - Mr. Calvin White Click here


Managing NCDs from an Insurer's Perspective - Dr. Lex de Jong Click here


Integrated NCDs Approach, Suriname - Ms. Wendy Telgt-Emanuelson Click here


Results Based Financing: NCDs Control - Dr. Delon Brennen Click here




Hospital Efficiencies: Challenges and Feasible Solutions - Dr. Cecil White Click here


Value Based Healthcare - Dr. Javier Asin Click here


Caribbean SSO's Meetings on National Health Financing Initiatives: Progress and what next - Dr. Stanley Lalta Click here


Management Efficiency in Planning Care for the Elderly: Acturial and Business Perspective - Mr. Howard Cimring Click here


Optimizing Business Intelligence Applications in Health - Mr. Granville Gayle Click here


Quality First, Savings Later - Mrs. Merreldeh Curie Click here


Remarks 9CCNHFI - Dr. Claudia Pescetto Click here