Fourth Regional Mixed Methods Conference 2023


Monday 10 - Wednesday 12, July 2023
School of Education, The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

The Organising Committee of the Fourth Regional Mixed Methods Research Conference is pleased to invite you to attend a distinguished public lecture by two of our keynote speakers: Professor Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie and Dr John H. Hitchcock. Their talk is entitled, Seven Pillars to Advancing Full(er) Integration in Mixed Methods Research: A Procedural, Process, and Philosophical Justice Approach. The lecture is free and open to registered conference participants and the other interested individuals. Seating in the Auditorium is limited and accessible ONLY through registration. Registration details and information about the lecture follow.


Venue: School of Education Auditorium, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
Date: Tuesday 11th July 2023
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

(Registration is now open)

Seven Pillars to Advancing Full(er) Integration in Mixed Methods Research: A Procedural, Process, and Philosophical Justice Approach

Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England University of South Africa, South Africa

John H. Hitchcock

Westat, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Prathiba Natesan Batley

University of Louisville


Although, in recent years, the use of the word "integration" in mixed methods research has increased during the present era of "emerging adulthood" (Onwuegbuzie & Hitchcock, 2019, p. 18), the overwhelming majority of mixed methods research studies continue to involve only partial integration. Such partial integration represents what Fetters and Freshwater (2015) referred to as the "1 + 1 = 3 integration formula" (p. 116).
The Routledge Handbook for Advancing Integration in Mixed Methods Research emerged as an attempt to help the field of mixed methods research to move towards full(er) integration. Inspired by the 32 chapters in this handbook, which involve 57 authors-including MMIRA-CC's Professor Loraine D. Cook and the Late Dr. Vimala Judy Kamalodeen-in our presentation, we will deconstruct further what full(er) integration means within the context of Onwuegbuzie's (2017) and Onwuegbuzie and Hitchcock's (2019, p. 18) "1 + 1 = 1 integration formula. " Our deconstruction has led us to conceptualize what we refer to as the Seven Pillars of Full(er) Integration. In our presentation, we will discuss each of these pillars and outline how each pillar represents a major avenue for attaining full(er) integration.

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Keynote Speakers

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