Fourth Regional Mixed Methods Conference 2023

Featured Speakers

Loraine Cook, Ph.D.

Loraine Cook, Ph.D., is a Full Professor in Educational Psychology at the School of Education, University of the West Indies. She lectures in Research Methods and Educational Psychology Mona. Loraine is the first president of the Mixed Methods International Research -Caribbean Chapter. Her research interests include evaluating online Education in higher Education and assisting teachers in improving their teaching skills by investigating ways of aligning the relationships between teachers’ intended actions and their actual teaching behaviours. Loraine is a co-editor of the Caribbean Journal of Mixed Methods Research.

Prof. Cook was the recipient of the Fulbright Visiting Researcher Award (2011). Loraine has been a visiting scholar in Applied Psychology at the New York University (NYU) and the Faculty of Education, Language and Literacy Education, University of British Columbia, Canada. She has done several workshops and seminars in Mixed Methods Research and has authored and co-authored peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles. Loraine is presently the president elect for MMIRA.