During the week of June 1st - 5th, 2020 over 150 research papers were presented at the IConETech-2020. The entire five-day marathon took place virtually and facilitated discussions between academics and industrial practitioners on some of the most pertinent problems facing the region and wider world. The full-length papers of the research works presented at the conference spans over six extensive themes. Each selected paper for publication in the post conference proceedings has now been given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and is available in the corresponding link in the table below. For referencing of paper(s) the following information can be used.


Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Technology (IConETech-2020)
Publication Date: 1st November 2020
ISBN: 9789766203023
Edited by: Boppana V. Chowdary
Published and Printed by: Faculty of Engineering, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine,
Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

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Title Authors Multimedia Resources

Shelf Life Study, Sensory Evaluation and Nutritive Value of Wheat Flour/Dasheen (Colocasia Esculenta (L.) Schott) Taro/Cocoyam Flour Sweetbread

Maltee R. Rampat, Marsha Singh and Neela Badrie

ppt yotube

Phase Inversion and Viscosity in Pipe Flow

Laura Edwards and Dhurjati Prasad Chakrabarti

ppt yotube

Dissolved Oxygen in Gasoline and Tank Corrosion

Preya Ramdeen and Dhurjati Prasad Chakrabarti


The National Food Control System in Guyana: Evaluation of the Current Regulatory Framework for Food Control Systems

Maya A. Phillips, Neela Badrie and Marsha Singh ppt yotube

Microbial Fuel Cell- An Alternative Energy Source for Trinidad and Tobago

Roshan Ramoutar, Denyse Ramganase, Josann Mc Intosh-Abdool, Antonio Bleasdell, Jameel Rooplal and Davinder Pal Sharma yotube

The Production of a Dried Avocado (Persea Americana) Powder

Saheeda Mujaffar and
Tsai-Ann Dipnarine


Two-Dimensional Mathematical Model of Flows in Thin Film Composite Membranes

Aatma Maharajh, Prakash Persad, Denver Cheddie and Edward Cumberbatch

ppt yotube

Developing Network Models of Industrial Symbiosis

Thèrèse G. Lee Chan, Venessa K. K. Bhagwat and David A. Janes

ppt yotube

Drying Behaviour of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Chips

Saheeda Mujaffar and
Amanda Lalla

Unsteady MHD Poiseuille Flow Through a Porous Channel Under an Oscillating Pressure Gradient and Uniform Suction/Injection

Judith N. Balkissoon, Sreedhara Rao Gunakala and Victor M. Job

ppt yotube

Unsteady Hydromagnetic Couette Flow Under an Oscillating Pressure Gradient and Uniform Suction and Injection

Jennilice Veronique, Sreedhara Rao Gunakala and Victor M. Job

ppt yotube

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System Optimization Using Energy, Exergy and Thermodynamic Analysis Alumina Refinery Power Plant Optimization – Two Case Studies

Quamie N. Mortley and Winston A. Mellowes


Optimisation of the Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Extracts from Vetiver Roots

Sharad Maharaj, Marian Watson, David McGaw, Shawn Thomas and
Shivani Sonilal

Industrial Recycle Towards Zero Discharge - Alumina Refinery Case Study

Quamie N. Mortley and Winston A. Mellowes




Title Authors Multimedia Resources

Pavenergy Research Project – Results Already Achieved and New Developments Planned for the Years to Come

Adelino Ferreira   yotube

Transportation Sustainability Framework

Kohan Dolcy and Trevor Townsend   yotube

Estimation of Value of Travel Time in Trinidad and Tobago

Jevan Stephen and Trevor Townsend


On the Forchheimer Coefficients For Unsaturated Flows

Anton Ali and Deborah Villarroel-Lamb


A Swash-Zone Seaward Boundary Condition for Impermeable Beaches

Anton Ali and Deborah Villarroel-Lamb


A Review of Recycled Concrete Aggregates as a Sustainable Construction Material

Rehka Rampit, Jovanca Smith and Indrajit Ray

ppt yotube

Reducing Chronic Disease Through Transportation and Built Environment in High Crime Countries – A Review of the Literature

Katherine Agong, Debra Bartholomew and Dawn Goddard-Eckrich


Development of Attenuated Energy Spectrums at X-Ray Energies of 60 keV and 150 keV Using Concrete Manufactured with Electric Arc Furnace Slag Aggregates

Davatee Maharaj, Abrahams Mwasha and Nikolay Zyuzikov         yotube

Towards an Optimal Road Access for UWI St. Augustine South Gate

Rae J. Furlonge

ppt yotube

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Reports for Building Services Installation

Gino Hosein and
Indrajit Ray


Aggregate Angularity Effects on Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Concrete

Lee P. Leon   yotube

Evaluation of Wave Run-Up Predictions from Parametric Models of Trinidad Beaches

Shani Brathwaite and Deborah Villarroel-Lamb


Behaviour of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam Joints Under Seismic Loading

B. Pandu Ranga Rao, K. Rama Mohana Rao and Srinivas Tanuku


Linking Sustainable Transport and Community Development: Transportation 2.0 in the Small Island of Tobago

Julia R. Kotzebue ppt yotube

Subsidiary Project Plan Requirements for Public Construction Projects in Trinidad and Tobago

Amrita Baal and Derek Outridge ppt yotube

Mode Choice Modelling of Paratransit Modes in Trinidad

Leah Wright and Trevor Townsend


Delayed Payments Impacts on Planned Cash Flow of Small and Medium Contractors for a Special Purpose Company

Shawn Bissoon and Derek Outridge    

Residual Strength and Post-Cracking Behaviour of Glass Wool Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Embedded with Steel Reinforcements

Olutoge Adeyemi Festus and Ogundeji Damilare Oluwaseun


Conceptual Framework for the Analysis of Shear Damage in Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Materials

Laurence Bridgemohan ppt yotube

The Under-Water Trajectory Behaviour of Heavy Oil Jet in Cross Flow from a Broken Surface Pipeline

Portia Felix ppt yotube

Sociodemographic Characteristics as it Relates to Travel Behaviour in SIDS: A Case Study in Trinidad

Leah Wright and Trevor Townsend    

Comparative Study on Analysis of Telecom Tower Using India and American Standards

Srinivas Tanuku, K. Rama Mohana Rao and B. Pandu Rangarao   yotube

Mitigating Contractor Problems Experienced in the Construction Industry of Trinidad & Tobago

Derek Outridge and Roshan Patel ppt yotube

A Sustainable Approach to the Construction of Coastal Facilities Through the Incorporation of Beach Sand & Brackish Water in Concrete Production

Imran H. R. Khan, Daniel L. White and Jenelle Mieux

ppt yotube

A Real-World Energy and Cost Comparison Between an Electric Vehicle and a Petrol Vehicle in the Trinidad and Tobago Context

Bhopendra S. Maharaj and Graham King ppt  

Alternative Foundation Design for Temporary Housing Units

Omar S. Thomas, Georgeann Henry, Kordel Bishop, Kymani Francis and Ajene Binns


Relationship Between Compressive Strength and Modulus of Elasticity of Self Consolidating High Performance Concretes (SCHPCS) Incorporating GSA as SCM

Buari T. A., Olutoge F. A. and Ayininuola G. M.


Investigation of the Watercourses and Measures to Alleviate Flooding in the Penal/Debe Region

Nadine Sangster, Jorrel Bisnath, Aatma Maharajh and Allen Sammy ppt yotube

BIM Implementation in the Practice of Architecture in Trinidad and Tobago

Leighton A. Ellis, Hector Martin and Marlon Charles   yotube

Adoption and Development of Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago

Kohan Dolcy and Trevor Townsend ppt yotube




Title Authors Multimedia Resources

Goodness of Fit of Probabilistic Models for Electric Vehicle Charging Behaviour

Letetia M. Addison, Govinda A. Hosein and Sanjay Bahadoorsingh ppt yotube

Smart Farming: Organic Communication Channels (OCCs)

Aaron Roopnarine and Sean Rocke ppt yotube

Low Cost Seismic Data Acquisition System Based on Open Source Hardware and Software Tools

Arvid Ramdeane and Lloyd Lynch ppt yotube

CUDA–Accelerated Feature Selection

Sterling Ramroach, Jonathan Herbert and Ajay Joshi ppt yotube

A Machine Learning Model for an Earthquake Forecasting Using Parallel Processing

Manoj Kollam and Ajay Joshi   yotube

Developing Parallel Computing Algorithms Using GPU’s to Determine Oil and Gas Reserves Presented in the Upstream (Exploration) Sector

Stefan T. Boodoo and Ajay Joshi   yotube

Semi-Automated Cricket Broadcast Highlight Generation

Sahil A. K. Ramlogan, Akash Pooransingh and Daniel J. Ringis ppt yotube

RFID Tags Used in Preventative Maintenance Programme for Motors and Generators

Tracy Aleong and Kit Fai Pun ppt yotube

Machine Learning Techniques for the Detection of Unfair Pricing in Supermarkets Across Trinidad and Tobago

Arti K. Ramdhanie ppt yotube

A Simulation Framework for Controlled Critical Infrastructures Subject to Natural Disasters

Amir Mohammed, Craig J. Ramlal, Arvind Singh, Sean Rocke and Daniel Goitia ppt yotube

A Review of Bias in Decision-Making Models

Peter Poon Chong and Terrence R. M. Lalla ppt yotube

Case Studies in Engineering and Technology Innovation in the Caribbean: A Focus on EduColCom and BevCom

Jason R. Rameshwar and Graham S. King    

Validation of a Simulated Environment Developed for Validating CFS Autonomy

Ruel Ellis, Gerardo Fernandez-Lopez and Gerard Pounder ppt yotube

Methods of Solving Multi-Area Economic Dispatch Problems – A Comparative Survey and Proposed Candidate SDP Approach

Kolapo S. Alli and Haniph A. Latchman   yotube

Feasibility of Powering Manzanilla Via a Wind Farm


Mickhal Polisher, Edward Cumberbatch, Aneil Ramkhalawan, Jorrel Bisnath and Aatma Maharajh ppt yotube

Autonomous Detection of Vehicular Wheel Alignment Parameters

Aaron Ameerali, Nadine Sangster and Gerard Ragbir ppt yotube

Description of a Simulated Environment Developed for Validating CFS Autonomy

Gerardo Fernandez-Lopez, Ruel Ellis and Gerard Pounder ppt yotube



Title Authors Multimedia Resources

Defining Community Based Governance for Informal Housing & Settlements Within Trinidad and Tobago

Wayne Chaman Huggins ppt yotube

Opportunities for Transforming Informal Settlements in Caribbean Small Island Developing Statesl

Michelle Mycoo    

Coupling Cellular Automata with Medalus Assessment for the Desertification Issue

Alassane Kone, Allyx Fontaine and Samira El Yacoubi ppt yotube

A Geospatially Distributed E-Refugee Camp Technological Framework for Caribbean Small Island States

Keisha J. Gaspard-Chickoree   yotube

Earthwork Volumetrics with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Comparative Study

Raid Al-Tahir and Travis Barran ppt yotube

Urban Sustainability Indicators for Caribbean Small Island Developing States

Tracey C.A. Beard-Sylvester   yotube

An Analytical Approach to GIS Analysis and Map Making Using Open Source Software

Tarick Hosein, Bheshem Ramlal, Lisa Kirton-Reed and Adrian Trotman ppt yotube



Title Authors Multimedia Resources

Experimental and Numerical Vibration Analysis of Printed Circuit Boards

Richard Bachoo, Shurland Balliram and Jacqueline Bridge ppt  

Design Complexity as a Driver for Additive Manufacturing Process Improvement

Nishkal George and Boppana V. Chowdary ppt yotube

Computation of One Dimensional One Phase Stefan Problems

V. G. Naidu and P. Kanakadurga Devi   yotube

The Roll-Up Digital Steelpan

Umesh Persad, Keivi Howard and Jorrel Bisnath ppt yotube

Investigating the Effects of Process Parameters on the Flexural Strength of 3D Printed Plastics

Nikolai Beharry and Boppana V. Chowdary   yotube

Wave Analysis of a L-Beam Structure with a Blocking Mass

Johnny Tiu and Richard Bachoo ppt yotube

Applying Fuzzy QFD MCDM to Evaluate Musical Instruments

Peter Poon Chong and Terrence R. M. Lalla ppt yotube

Performance of Coated Cutting Tools in Machining: A Review

Rukmini Srikant Revuru, Vamsi Krishna Pasam and Nageswara Rao Posenasetti


Modelling a Manufacturing Enterprise – A Systems Approach

P. S. R. K. Nageswara Rao, P. Usha Sri and K. Vizayakumar    yotube

A Feasibility Study for Implementation of a Smart Parking System in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Sarah Rooplal and Boppana V. Chowdary ppt yotube

Analysis of Nuclear Based Electric Power Generation System – An LCA Approach

N. Leela Prasad, P. Usha Sri and K. Vizayakumar   yotube

A Study on the Improvement of a Local Bottle Manufacturing Operation: Deployment of Lean Principles and Discrete Event Simulation

Ezekiel Yorke, Boppana V. Chowdary and Jainarine Bansee ppt yotube

Comparison of Four Fabrics for Filtering Turbid Water in a Two Stage Cross-Flow Filter

Goldie Davis, Edwin Ekwue and Vincent Cooper ppt yotube

Exploring Quality of Service and its Challenges at the MOE, Port of Spain Office

Kit Fai Pun and Cherisse S. Lashley   yotube

Multi-Optimization of Empirical Models for the Material Extrusion Process

Schuravi N. Mallian and Boppana V. Chowdary   ppt yotube

Numerical Study of MHD Convective Nanofluid Flows Within a Corrugated Trapezoidal Enclosure

Victor Job, Sreedhara Rao Gunakala, P. V. S. N. Murthy and R. Panneer Selvam ppt yotube

Circular Economy Adoption Within 3D Printing Industry: The State of the Art, Major Issues and Challenges

Angelina Rayside, Boppana Chowdary and Prasanta Dey ppt  

The Combined Effect of Magnetic Fluids with Couple Stresses, Variable Viscosity and Velocity–Slip on the Lubrication of Finite Journal Bearings

Tyrone Dass, Sreedhara Rao Gunakala and Donna M. G. Comissiong     ppt yotube

Microstructural Characterisations for Polycrystalline Nickel

Srihari Dodla, Shashvat Agarwal, R. Tejdeep Reddy and Saurav Sahu   yotube

Evaluation of a Cricket Bowling Machine with an Arm and Hand to Deliver the Ball


Ronnie Bickramdass, Prakash Persad, Kelvin Loutan Jr. and Aaron Ameerali

ppt yotube

Convective Heat Transfer on Stenosed Blood Flow Through Permeable Microcirculation in the Presence of a Magnetic Field

Alana Sankar, Sreedhara Rao Gunakala and Donna M. G. Comissiong ppt yotube

Smart Irrigation Estimator


Nadine Sangster, Aneil Ramkhalawan, Aatma Maharajh, Jorrel Bisnath, Edward Cumberbatch, Ronnie Bickramdass, David Edwards and Prakash Persad

ppt yotube

Exploring an Optimization Strategy at the Maintenance Department of an Oil Company


Stefan Harrison, Jainarine Bansee, Boppana Chowdary, Rajeev Seepersad and Dillon Fredrick

ppt yotube

Capstone Design Projects: Theory Meets Practice

Raghu Echempati and Several Senior Undergraduate Capstone Course Students    

Analysis of the Cause and Effects of Part Defects in ABS Samples Made  Using Additive Manufacturing

Arshad Mohammed and Boppana V. Chowdary ppt yotube

A Time Study of the Pastelle Making Process: An Investigation Aimed at Reducing Labour and Time

Jeselle Gajadhar, Aneil Ramkhalawan and Jorrel Bisnath ppt yotube



Title Authors Multimedia Resources

Returns to Field Study in Trinidad and Tobago: A Gender Perspective and Policy Implications

Roshnie A. Doon   yotube

Survey of Current Trends in Manufacturing Engineering Postgraduate Programmes in the UK

Trishel Gokool and Boppana V. Chowdary   yotube

Manufacturing Engineering Education in Trinidad and Tobago: Review and Future Research Agenda

Trishel Gokool and Boppana V. Chowdary   yotube

Transforming the Delivery of Curriculum in the Caribbean SIDS Through Mobile Learning

Alice O. Thomas-Martin and Ruel Ellis ppt yotube

A Guide in the Use of Existing Maintenance and Reliability Theories to Enhance Equipment Reliability and Availability in Caribbean Industries

Kishore Jhagroo ppt yotube

Transition from Master Craftsman to Engineering Degree

Clèment Imbert and Reynold John ppt  

Experiences of Using a Single Assessment for Both Practical Prototyping Skills and Introduction to Energy Engineering


Jorrel Bisnath, Aneil Ramkhalawan, Edward Cumberbatch, Prakash Persad, Aatma Maharajh, Natalie Persadie, Ronnie Bickramdass and Dinesh Soodeen

ppt yotube

Examining the Processes of New Product Development and Innovation: The K.C. Confectionery Case in Trinidad and Tobago


Amrita Mahabir, Dinesh Soodeen and Natalie Persadie ppt yotube

Integrated Approach to Masters Programme Delivery in Manufacturing and Design Engineering at UTT

Natalie Persadie, Nadine Sangster, Aaron Ameerali, Dinesh Soodeen, Aatma Maharajh and Aneil Ramkhalawan


Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Engineering Programmes at the Faculty  of Engineering at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad


Edwin I. Ekwue ppt yotube

Stimulating Regional Economic Development: A Case for Informal Science Education

Ruel L. A. Ellis   yotube